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Great health products with the best natural ingredients and superior formulations

We are a health product manufacturing company covering products ranging from honey products, dairy products, dietary supplements to skincare and personal care products.

At Natural Farm Group, our aim is to provide worldwide customers great health products in a convenient form with superior formulations using the best natural ingredients. We believe consumers deserve to have health products they can trust. That is why we will continually strive to be the most trusted natural healthcare brand in New Zealand.

We provide the premier products and services not only to local pharmacies, health stores and duty-free stores nationwide with our own brands, also do contract manufacturing service for private brand holders.

We are also a global company exporting to various countries such as USA, UK, South Africa, Thailand, China, Korea and Japan. Our manufacturing process not only meets but exceeds domestic and international requirements. We only use top quality natural resources and the quality of our products are always guaranteed.





Natural products with natural ingredients

New Zealand is a beautiful and diversified country with hardly any pressure and competition for space and natural resources. This has earned our country a worldwide reputation for high-quality products and ingredients that are born from our temperate climate, unique flora and fauna.

Here at Natural Farm Group, we are very proud of our New Zealand heritage. Our products are all designed and manufactured in New Zealand by using the nature’s best that the pure land can provide. Our honey is from the beautiful bushes and native flower fields which are in abundance while our milk powder is from premium grade cows fed on its lush green pastures.

Bee Products

Dairy Products

Plant Ingredients

Animal Ingredients



Facility & Team.

Great People, Equipment and Products.

From formulation to logistic, we care about quality and excellence of what we process. Our significant achievements are leaded by our professional and experienced team at Natural Farm Group.

Natural Farm Group operates in a fully-built processing facility complied with good manufacturing practice (GMP) and verified by the New Zealand government, the Ministry for Primary Industries and the New Zealand Food Safety Authority.

Our complex manufacturing capabilities are:

  • Honey: Manuka, Multiflora, Native Bush and filed, and Infusion Honey
  • Dairy Powder: Whole/Skim Milk Powder, Smoothie Mix and Whey Protein Powder
  • Dietary Supplements: Capsules, Tablets, Powder and Tincture
  • Non-alcohol Beverage: Fermented Juice, Long life Juice and Enzyme Drink
  • Edible Oils: Olive Oil, Avocado Oil and Flaxseed Oil